Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Policy Services


Uncovering and targeting the risks to your data are key tasks that help firms construct a well-documented, effective set of cyber security policies and controls. Ashland Partners can provide one or both services to assist CCOs understand firm-specific risk and the appropriate policies and controls to mitigate them.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

The first step to creating a safe data security environment is understanding the risks to your firm. Although a key component to Regulation S-P, understanding all the risks to your data is often neglected as an integral part of your cyber security program. Not all cyber security risks are self-evident or IT-related. Whether the risk is logical, physical or force majeure, a Cyber Security Risk Assessment is used to identify the risks to your data in order to allow you to properly address them. Ashland Partners works with you to create a customized Cyber Security Risk Assessment tailored to your specific environment. This assessment identifies your potential concerns, evaluates your environment against known industry risks, and provides a clear roadmap to address a complex subject.

Cyber Security Policy Services

The 2016 SEC Exam priorities emphasize that cyber security policies are one of the most important tools in your compliance arsenal. Policies serve as mitigating controls to your risks, while providing direction and accountability for your employees. However, cyber security policies often lag behind other policies due to their unfamiliar nature. Ashland Partners will take the guesswork out of your cyber security polices with our Cyber Security Policy Services. These services follow the NIST standard, and are customized to the needs of your firm. Ashland Partners can evaluate your existing policies, or can help you build your policies from the ground up, making your firm more secure and more compliant.


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