Cyber Security Training and Phish Testing

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Cyber security training is a useful tool to ensure that employees are properly trained for their roles within the firm, but training is only as good as its impact on behavior. Phishing services can assist in reinforcing learned habits and maintaining awareness for employees.

Cyber Security Training Services

Employees are always the weakest link in any security system. In fact 98% of all data breaches involve internal human error in some way. That is why the SEC requires you to regularly conduct cyber security training for your employees. Ashland Partners will provide a turnkey, web-based training system that is efficient, memorable, and designed to meet your cyber security training obligations. This system can be accessed at any time, and on any device that has an Internet connection. Ashland Partners will configure and manage the system for you, and provide regular reports to show employees’ progress through the curriculum and absorption of the key aspects of cyber security.

Cyber Security Phish Testing

According to Verizon Security in 2015, approximately 70% of data breaches included phishing. This prevalent attack continues to plague the financial services industry. Training your employees about this attack vector is an excellent first step in improving your security. However, reinforcing your training with phish testing greatly improves knowledge retention and compliance. Ashland Partners will configure and manage this system for you. We will create regular phish testing campaigns and report the results to you. This will allow you to target additional training specifically where it is needed, which will make your firm less susceptible to this significant type of attack.


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