Cyber Security Vulnerability and Penetration

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Regulation S-P recommends that a firm tests their cyber security controls, at least annually. Testing should be designed to assess and analyze internal and external threats so that controls can be updated to meet the needs an ever evolving data security system. Using a third-party testing provider eliminates bias in the current design and maintenance of controls and infrastructure yielding a truly independent view of your security risks.

Cyber Security Vulnerability Testing

Regulation S-P requires that you regularly test your systems to ensure that your cyber security controls are behaving as expected. Performing a vulnerability test is an excellent way to show compliance with this requirement, and to uncover internal vulnerabilities which you may be unaware of. Ashland Partners will scan your internal computers, routers, switches, and servers to find vulnerabilities. Ashland Partners’ experts will then gather the required information, filter it through our significant experience, and distill the results into a usable report that will focus your remediation efforts going forward.

Cyber Security Penetration Testing

Hackers are no longer lone misfits in a basement breaking into computer systems for fun. Hacking has become big business, and organized crime and nation-states are now engaging in hacking against opportunistic targets. This fact has been underscored by recent data breaches at SEC registered firms, and it proves that hacking can affect anybody of any size. Ashland Partners’ Cyber Security Penetration Testing service examines the exterior of your network to determine if there are exploitable vulnerabilities that a hacker could use to breach your network. Ashland Partners will scan the exterior of your network, gather a list of potential exploits, use our experience to analyze the data, and distill the results into a usable report that will help you target the vulnerabilities that are most important. This service helps you rest assured that your network is more secure than it was.


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