Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Ashland Partners’ suite of cyber security services are designed to help CCOs meet regulatory and institutional client expectations. Ashland Partners’ Cyber Security Services include the following and can be tailored to any firm:


Cyber Security Risk Assessment – Uncovering and targeting the risks to your data. The first step to creating a safe data security environment is understanding the risks to your firm. Although a key component to Regulation S-P, understanding all the risks to your data is often neglected as an integral part of many cyber security programs. Not all cyber security risks are self-evident or IT-related. Whether the risk is logical, physical or force majeure, a Cyber Security Risk Assessment is used to identify the risks to your data in order to allow you to properly address them. Ashland Partners works with you to create a customized Cyber Security Risk Assessment tailored to your specific environment. This assessment identifies your potential concerns, evaluates your environment against known industry risks, and provides a clear roadmap to address shortfalls.

Cyber Security Policy Services – Evaluating and creating administrative controls. SEC Examination priorities emphasize that cyber security policies are one of the most important tools in your compliance arsenal. Policies serve as mitigating controls to your risks, while providing direction and accountability for your employees. Ashland Partners will take guesswork out of creating and implementing your cyber security policies and procedures. These services follow the NIST standard, and are customized to the needs of your firm.

Don’t have current policies in place? Ashland Partners can help you build your policies from the ground up, making your firm more secure and more compliant.

Cyber Security Vulnerability & Penetration Testing – Assessing the security implemented inside your network and testing the perimeter of your network for vulnerabilities. Regulation S-P recommends that a firm tests their cyber security controls, at least annually. Testing should be designed to assess and analyze internal and external threats so that controls can be updated to meet the needs of an ever evolving data security environment. Using a third-party eliminates bias in the design and maintenance of controls and infrastructure, yielding a truly independent assessment and ensuring current best practice procedures and tools.

Performing a vulnerability test is an excellent way to demonstrate compliance with Reg. S-P and to uncover internal vulnerabilities. Ashland Partners’ experts will scan your internal computers, routers, switches, and servers to identify risks and gather information into a useable report focused on your remediation efforts going forward.

Penetration testing services examine the exterior of your network to determine if there are exploitable vulnerabilities that a hacker could use to breach your network. Ashland Partners will scan the exterior of your network, gather a list of potential exploits, and distill the results into a usable report that will help you target the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk.

Cyber Security Training & Phish Testing Services – Ensuring your employees know their cyber security responsibilities. Employees are always the weakest link in any security program. In fact, 98% of all data breaches involve internal human error in some way. Cyber security training is a successful tool to ensure employees are properly trained for their roles within the firm. Phishing services can assist in reinforcing learned habits and maintaining awareness for employees.

The SEC requires you to regularly conduct cyber security training for your employees. Ashland Partners will provide a turnkey, web-based training solution that is efficient, memorable, and designed to meet your cyber security training obligations. The sessions can be accessed at any time, and on any device that has an Internet connection. Ashland Partners will configure and manage the system for you, and provide regular reports to show employees’ progress through the curriculum and absorption of the key aspects of cyber security.

According to Verizon Security, in 2018 Phishing-related attacks represent approximately 98% of all reported breaches and Email continues to be the most common method for hackers to try and gain access to a network. This prevalent attack vector continues to plague the financial services industry. Training your employees about spot red flags in Email messages is a proven step in mitigating Phishing-related breaches. Ashland Partners will configure and manage this system for you. We will create regular phish testing campaigns and report the results to you, which will facilitate the ability to target additional specific training, as needed.

Cyber Security Agreed Upon Procedures – Customized testing that targets specific controls

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