We conduct GIPS® Verifications for firms claiming compliance that are looking to provide that additional level of assurance to existing clients and prospects. A GIPS® verification is an independent third-party review of an investment management firm’s performance processes and procedures. A performance examination is the detailed testing of a specific composite and its associated compliant presentation by an independent verifier for a specific period.

GIPS® compliance has become essential for firms as the financial industry evolves and new business opportunities may require a claim of compliance. Whether your organization already claims compliance and wants to switch service providers, or you are seeking to claim compliance for the first time, we are here to provide our support.

With 30 years of experience serving the investment management industry, we consider ourselves Experts In The Field©. When working with us, your organization and clients feel confident in your claim of compliance.


GIPS® Verification

Our verification related services include:

  • Initial pre-verification services, involving consulting and an assessment of the firm’s policies and procedures, ensuring any gaps are addressed.
  • Firm-wide verification which follows a structured timeline and testing tailored to the client. Verification provides assurance that policies and procedures related to specific GIPS® standards requirements have been designed in compliance with those requirements and have been implemented on a firm-wide or asset owner-wide basis.
  • Performance examinations done for one or more composite track records, providing additional comfort for a particular marketed strategy.

As part of the verification procedures, we will include at a minimum the following procedures:

  • Review and test the firm’s GIPS® policies and procedures
  • Review and test composite construction
  • Review and test performance calculations
  • Review composite presentations to ensure the required data and corresponding disclosures are included
  • Review and test annual returns and composite statistics on GIPS® presentations
  • Submission of the GIPS® Compliance Notification Form to the CFA Institute.

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